You are not alone!

You can simply join in and enjoy while sitting down, and in the comfort of your own home
or your office.

GRUUVE stands for „Grown-up universal exercise“ – a universal exercise programme for adults.

DO-HEALTH-GRUUVE is a music-supported exercise program for adults 50+. The program strengthens the core muscles, supports breathing and trains coordination and strength in the arms and legs. At the same time, GRUUVEN is an ideal mindfulness training programme and thus supports our healthy longevity.

We have developed GRUUVE for sitting and standing positions – you can choose depending on your mood. All GRUUVEs only take a few minutes and therefore fit into any short relaxation break.

The DO-HEALTH-GRUUVE programme was developed by movement scientist Dr. Michèle Mattle under the direction of Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari at the Research Center on Ageing and Mobility, Chair of Geriatrics and Ageing Research at the University of Zurich.

Since March 2020, over 120 different DO-HEALTH-GRUUVEs have been recorded and are available free of charge on YouTube at any time. The short exercise sequences to beautiful violin concertos by Vivaldi can be practiced at home or in the office.

DO-HEALTH stands for „Healthy and Active Aging“ and is a Europe-wide prevention project to delay the biological ageing process and reduce the risk of age-related chronic diseases.

Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari, DrPH

Chair of Geriatrics and Aging Research, University of Zurich

Academic director, Campus Aging Medicine, City Hospital Zurich Waid

Director, Center on Aging and Mobility, University of Zurich

Director, IHU HealthAge and Visiting Professor Geroscience, University Hospital Toulouse and University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, France

Donna Leon
Bestselling crime novelist
Ambassador DO-HEALTH

GRUUVE with us!

DO-HEALTH-GRUUVE No. 125 „That’s life!“

Welcome by Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari

Welcome by Donna Leon

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Thank you!

To Naïve Classique and the orchestra Il Pomo d’Oro for the right to use the music as part of DO-HEALTH-GRUUVE and to our ambassador Donna Leon, who actively supported us in this project and brought us together.

To Benno Gut from Gut Pictures and Stephen Ferrari from Ferrari Data Solutions for the concept and prototype of the website and the support of the YouTube channel.

To Gaby Gerster for the photo of Donna Leon in Venice.

To all the doctors, nursing staff and employees of the University Geriatric Medicine Zurich, who are working hard every day in this time of crisis and doing an enormous amount of good together!

To all those who GRUUVE with us!